Uno, dos, tres, quatorse…

Holy CRAP. I like Macs…no, I love Macs. I’m a certified Mac-addict who has nothing but spite for the evil Microsoft Windows Empire (and me being a techie, I’m ENTITLED to that opinion!).

However, as much as I love my cuddly Cube, it can be one fucked-up toaster of a BITCH. And my iBook laptop (“Pippin”) will bitch-slap Gollum when it gets a mind to be cranky.

The upload for the HSOJ is progressing as we speak. The solution to the file freeze-ups? I had to install Macromedia Flash on the Cube. Why in the HELL I had to do that before the Cube even let me see the filename is beyond this mortal’s comprehension. I don’t have to have other programs installed to see their associated file names in my folders.

(muttering) Stupid bloody !@#$% computer, trade your chips out to a WINDOWS machine if you screw me over again…

So now I get to see how fast my Roadrunner broadband connection will upload 1/2 gig.

This past year has been multiple lessons in patience, programming (HTML, flash, & javascript), and “oh my gods, I have THAT picture??? SWEEEEEEeeeet…” I’m now worried that one whole gig of webspace STILL won’t be enough to hold everything. I could drop all the scan resolutions down to 75 dpi & save a ton of file-space, but somehow, I feel the need to show-up the eBay scammers & -ites & post as good a quality as I can so that EVERYONE can share the goodies. My only restriction has been some photos that I know are copyrighted from reputable folks, like Mike Hausman (Journey’s photog for years).

Lessee…five minutes into the upload, and it’s only a quarter of the way through. Hmmm…faster than I thought. I might actually get through this tonight.

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