OK. Errors fixed. All pics & windows should load correctly, and the Altars area should now scroll all the way down. Replaced the prior font, “Morpheus”, with a cool Departure-style font. For some reason, over the years, I’ve gotten quite a few requests for the fonts used in the HSOJ:

Headers & title graphics: Hirosh. This font’s been used ever since the HSOJ opened back in ’94, and yes, Journey used it for “The Essential Journey” cd cover.

The SIMS Escape & the “Loading” text: “Escape Artist” (or 35C4PE Artist).

Text: Auriol LT (aka “Freeform-721”)

All these are available in Macintosh format; I’ve been told they’re in Windows format, too. Font sites I really really like:

Free Mac Fonts
The Mac Font Vault

As noted in a couple areas on the site, I am offering a bounty of a Journey Webring t-shirt to anyone who provides me with original high-res scans of Journey pics for posting on the Shrine. These are white t-shirts with the Journey Ring logo emblazoned on the front (high-quality iron-on transfer). I *don’t* want the stuff found on Corbis or the bad scans found on other sites. Contact me through the “RabbitHorseRunning Studios” link at the bottom of the Shrine, so that I can give you details & discuss what you’re willing to scan.

tips for GOOD scanning:

– 125 dpi resolution MAX, for photos. Anything higher is wasted filespace. For magazine/newspaper pictures, 75-100 dpi resolution max should be used; anything higher doesn’t make the picture better. It just picks up the irregularites of the paper.
– Do not adjust the print size. I’ve seen a lot of fan-scans at ridiculously high res’s, then said fan cuts the print size down to less than an inch wide so the silly thing will display correctly on their site. If you’re gonna display it on the web, stick with 75 dpi res & don’t tinker with the print size. Again, higher res does NOT automatically mean a better scan image.
– Don’t run any Photoshop or graphics program filters to clean up the image. Most folks don’t know how to use those & end up ruining the picture with over-correction.

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