Well, I found out that the Perryville Forum is posting all of my Steve Perry pics on their Forum. YOU PEOPLE COULD JUST POST THE LINK TO THE SHRINE & LET PEOPLE VISIT & SEE FOR THEMSELVES!!! Or are you scared they’ll see all the great pics of the OTHER members of Journey?

Bloody heathens. May the Light Of the One True Journey Whack You Upside The Head with Melted Cassette Tapes.

Girls, you realize that this makes YOUR “rare” stuff fair game for the Shrine. You post mine, I get to post yours, after correcting all your bad-scanning issues. BWAHAHAHAhahahahaha…

More updates coming. I’ve got the Japanese Escape tourbook scanned in, and a couple new strips for the “U.A.S.S.U.H.O. Journey”, as well as some great pics that Sarah sent my way.

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