Stoned in love…

Updates tonight on the Shrine, in the Escape area.

The Japanese Escape Tour book is finally online!

I am working on scanning in what other tour books I have. Currently the Japanese Escape, US Infinity & Departure are online. Still to come: Frontiers (US & Japan), ROR, and Perry’s FTLOSM tour. I will also have vid caps from Frontiers & Beyond, Why Can’t This Night Go On Forever (a great video inexplicably left off the GH DVD), and Journey’s “unplugged” version of “Liberty” that VH1 Classic runs from time to time, as well as a live concert they did for one of those morning shows.

I am looking for a GOOD DVD copy (1st generation dub) of the Anyway You Want It video, the studio version, not the live versions (why in hell that was left off the GH DVD is anyone’s guess) — bonus points if you have the FULL video with Steve & The Jukebox. I’m also looking for high-res scans of the US Escape & Evolution tour books. I can offer an “official” bounty of a Journey Webring T-shirt…there might be some unofficial extras included, if you want.

Two more U.A.S.S.U.H.O. Journey Strips have been drawn & inked. They should be scanned this week & uploaded early next week.

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