I just found out that a certain site is bitching over me posting “their” pictures & has declared “war”.

Oh, joy. Just what we all need. Journey Jihad (or is that “yeeeeHAHD!!!” ?).

First, site in question, thanks for the publicity by posting my link.

However, I’ll be damned if I’m gonna play the “my site posted that image first so no one else can nyah nyah nyah” game.

I’ve looked at that Jihad-wannabe site. I know their so-called “rare” section. The images that cross-over between that site and mine are ones that I own copies of and have rescanned in. I’ve been running the HSOJ for 10 years now; I’ve been a Journey fan for a lot longer. I’ve got a lot of stuff because of that.

Dear Journey-Jihad-wannabes, you aren’t the only persons to own those pics, or to have joined Journey Force & bought all the cool stuff. There tons of places you can buy copies of these pics from, on eBay and off. Hit Google & get patient. Hell, you watch eBay long enough, and you can get a picture of Journey & Steve Perry doing almost anything.

If it just so happens we both have the same images on our respective sites, BIG DEAL. What is this, an arms race? Over Journey?

From the copy of the post that was passed to me, it seems to be implying that these Journey-Jihad-wannabes are basically gonna post all the images from the Shrine on their site. Hey, folks, you wanna make your site into the HSOJ’s personal bitch, be my guest. Share the load. Share the bandwidth. Let’s get these images out & undercut the eBay scammers who want to make a quick buck from our favorite band. Makes me feel good that someone will get something out of all my scans.

But the high-res, unwatermarked versions, uncropped, unedited, unresized, in all their full-color glory, will always be here, on the HSOJ, for any fan who wants them.

Praise the Holy Journey! And may the Blessed Lights of the Evolution Light the Path of your soul’s Escape!

Vice-Pope Chris PV
aka the Un-Virgin Keeper, Pagan Amazon In Purple Chain Mail, & Celestial Frontierswoman
Holy Shrine of Journey

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