Holy shite…

I am in such bloody shock.

I’ve got a web-design/programming/marketing business on the side. On Saturday, one of my clients called & said, “Hey, I’ve got a proposition for you…I’m gonna need 30 1-page “gallery” sites a month, and I like what you’ve been doing so far. $500-700 a month okay?”

Saying my jaw hit the floor is a distinct understatement. It came so out of the blue!! He called me while he was driving to a convention in San Diego, so we couldn’t get much in depth, so I’ll find out more when I call him in a week.

Oh, yeah, and updates to the Shrine ARE coming this week, I promise! I’m reworking the Flash slightly to add a couple more sections and make it slightly smaller & faster to load. The “Holy Scripture” section will be coming back, specifically for all the articles & cheesy teen mag things; the U.A.S.S.U.H.O Journey gets a relabeled button, and Divine Lunacy will become a repository for a number of lunatic bits that don’t fit elsewhere (including some wonderful wallpapers). There will also be the Japanese Captured tourbook and part of the US Escape tourbook (BLESS you, Bishop Sarah!), as well as a number of new “rare” pics that other folks would have you believe only exist in their grubby little hands.

Oh, yeah, and the Amazing Erect-Your-Own-Shrine Kit, as soon as I can beat some backgrounds out of the Holy Husband.

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