Leg Irons, the Bitch, and the War Drobe…



I’m in two minds about it. First, WETA is doing all the world-building & SFX. For those non-fangirls, WETA did all the work on the Lord Of The Rings. SO…that at least means that the LOOK and feel of Narnia will be dead on. From the trailer, it is. Awesomely so.

However, it’s backed by Disney. Disney “Let’s cut the guts out of it” Studios. Disney “Let’s Put Cute Singing Animals Into It” Studios. Disney “Books? What Books?” Studios. Disney “The Black Cauldron” Studios, who recently did a TV version of Madeline L’engle’s “Wrinkle In Time” & proceeded to de-christianize the story & disembowel the guts from it.

Mind you, I’m Pagan. Strongly so. But I grew up on the Narnia books, and dammit, my big fear right now is that Disney’s cut the deep Christian allegory from the story & watered it down for “mainstream” audiences. Which would KILL it.

Ah, well. There’s always the next Harry Potter book & film to comfort myself with.

Anyway, some updates uploaded on the Shrine. Not as much new pictures as I would like (both the Japanese Captured tourbooks & US Escape are up), but I’m getting them in as fast as I can. Three new U.A.S.S.U.H.O Journey strips have been fully drawn & inked, but I haven’t had the time to get them scanned & “digitized” for online use. WWJD is back up, as is the “Holy Scriptures” area, and the “Erect-A-Shrine” section is there, though not fully done (more headers & free backgrounds & site-building tips to come to that).


Vice-Pope ChrisPV
No, I can’t tell you who the Pope is.
Un-Virgin Keeper, HSOJ

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