“I’m just so geeked OUT by it…”


Ye gods, I should’ve went to Microcenter to begin with. After all the hassle in the last post, me & Brett decided to go to Microcenter & try to figure out what we could squeeze on the Cap One card. The sales guy saw us drooling over the top-line G5 iMac, asked if we had any questions, listened to my explanation of what had happened & the hassle we’d been through with Apple Loan, then said, “why not try for a Microcenter charge?”

We figured we had nothing to lose, shrugged & said “Okay, sure”. And after all the hassle with Cap One, after all the hassle with that !@#$% Juniper Bank (Apple’s loan folks)…Microcenter approved us in 15 minutes, about as long as it took for the rep to type our info into the computer, and for more than enough to cover the Mac we really wanted, not what we could fit on the existing credit card. 30 minutes later (we had to wait for them to upgrade the RAM), we were walking out of the store with a 2-Ghz G5 20-inch-screen iMac and an Airport Extreme basestation. And that’s what I’m now typing this entry on.


It’s that flat-panel-all-in-one iMac. It’s sleek. It’s SEXY. It’s also WIRELESS. The Airport Extreme basestation is across the room, plugged into our cable modem and our Cube, so the Cube can get on the Net (the Cube’s not wireless). And THIS Mac’s connection is still FASTER via wireless than the Cube is direct-connected. Oh, yeah, and the printer’s across the room, too, and I can print just fine from over here. One cable only, and that’s the power cord. I haven’t been on this thing 15 minutes, and I’ve already told Brett that we’re upgrading him to a similar system in 2-3 months, when this new baby is paid off.

yeah, and I got the Sims 2, too. Birthday Present from me to me.

but lesson for today is: Check Microcenter FIRST. Everytime I try to go to another computer store, I keep getting that lesson beat into my head. Maybe this time it’ll stick.

And yeah, I’m a geek. I can’t help it.

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