We all need new ones…

Oh freakin’ CHRIST…

This is what your Non-Virgin Shrine Keeper does on her days off, when her brain is so fried that all she can do is stare at a spot on the ground for hours. Give it time to load..it’s worth it.

(edited 7/2/05…updated pic is above. Gotta save space…)

This. Is. Scary.

THAT is how easy it is to modify the new Sims. There’s a couple non-Maxis hair meshes in this (Smitty’s, Jonathan’s, & Ross’s), and I found Ross’s funky-cool outfit on Mermaid Cove…but everything else is my mod work. And yes, as soon as I can figure out HOW & get coherent instructions for both Mac & PC users, these WILL be posted on the Shrine in a new “Sims: Frontiers” section. Stay tuned!

Just creating the “family” had me & Brett dying from hysterics…the REACTIONS when a new Sim would pop in to join one of the existing Sims on the “Create A Family” screen! The only bad part is that there’s no “creativity” aspiration and seems to be no music career path. Yet. I’ve a suspicion those will show up in coming expansion packs.

But once more, the folks who do the custom meshes & skins seem to always focus on the WOMEN, and never on the MEN Sims. Neal’s hair here is a Maxis-default mesh (cornrows??); I searched through countless Sims 2 sites, and no one has any decent curly hair for white men. The Maxis “curly” hair is too African-American-looking. Ditto with long hair meshes; Steve’s is a Maxis default, Smitty’s is a women’s hair-mesh that a talented modder translated to the male side of the game. I can find all kinds of great new clothing styles & meshes for women Sims. Men? All that seems to exist are recolors of the existing Maxis clothes, which are, at best, sloppy floppy 90s “slacker” styles or “casual business” style. Doesn’t anyone do REGULAR t-shirts & boot-cut jeans for men anymore??

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