Now THIS is podracing…

Okay, Holy Hopping Horde, listen up!

I got Sims 2 Journey almost ready to go for full download on the Shrine…BUT…I need a couple playtesters to make sure that the Mac files not only work on PC, but that the custom & 3rd party meshes are included with the pack files. Either give me a rumble here or drop me an email.

This is the updated Journey (Frontiers version) for Sims 2 & what they should look like in your game:

Jonathan’s, Neal’s, & Steve’s faces have been altered/fixed (it’s impossible to get them perfect in the game) & look as close as I can match their pictures. I found shorter/longish hair for Smitty-Sim & corrected his facial hair to match the Separate Ways vid more closely. Their relative heights here are standard EA Games/Maxis defaults; they CAN be altered in the game using the “stretchSkeleton” cheat (use a value of 1.1 for Jonathan, 1.01 for Ross).

In the Sims 2: Frontiers area, I will have a list of Sims 2 sites that not only have good Male clothes & skins, but also have the long hair meshes/styles for men. They’re few & far between, let me tell you. Long *curly* hair? Forget it. Don’t expect 70s-era Journey for a while — I’m not that much a masochist! However, I will be attempting Steve Augeri in the near future, and Deen, so folks wanting to do Arrival-style Journey can play, too.

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