THE best show on TV:

Mythbusters. Period. Any show that will build a giant slingshot just to test a whacked-out Internet tall-tale about Mexican Immigrants Using Giant Slingshots to Hurl Themselves Across The Border…and then proceed to bombard an abandoned wharf with slingshotted crash-test dummies…has my enthusiastic thumbs-up. Not to mention building chicken cannons, firing sperm-loaded bullets at ballistics gel to see if it’s possible to get pregnant-by-bullet, blowing up airplanes, etc etc etc.

(Discover Channel. Wednesdays. 9pm. BE THERE.)

The show that could be cool if they’d quit going for the “freaky” factor: Ghost Hunters, on SciFi. Roto-Rooter Ghostbusters out to debunk hauntings, cool. Introducing your compatriots as “Brian, head tech; Jeanne, investigator-in-training; Sarah, Wiccan”…NOT COOL. Like, what the hell does her religion have to do with any so-called credentials or compentency at ghost-hunting?

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