Wrinkled, winded, & tilted…

Well, THIS has been disappointing today.

By the grace of one Picabo on the Journey Digest, I now have a 12th row seat to tomorrow’s show at the Schott here in Columbus (THANK YOU, LORI!!) However, that meant I now have an extra seat all the way in the upper back corner…

No problem, I thought. And posted notices at my workplace & Brett’s advertising the seat for $20 obo, which is way below what ticketbastard charged.

Two weeks that sign was up. And only ONE call, who found out I had one ticket & backed out. (Like, woman, didn’t you read the SIGN??)

This is JOURNEY. And I couldn’t even GIVE the ticket away, even when I dangled the free CD as an extra.

Gods, I hate this town.

I remember a story I heard about Steve Perry here in Columbus during the FTLOSM tour (the show took place on his birthday). Evidently he was in one of the music stores down at our City Centre Mall, accosting women as they walked into the store & begging them to go to his show. The show couldn’t have been more than half full, and it was a SMALL venue (Vets Memorial)…though to be fair, the mother-of-all-blizzards for that year did hit the night before the show.

I really hate this town.

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