This is your life cracked up in a frying pan. any questions?

Well, HELL. Who the hell did me & Brett piss off? For the last week, I’ve felt like we’ve got a big target on our backs, because everything…EVERYTHING…decided it was gonna dump on us.

Backstory: last month, I was promoted, with a big raise; I’m basically one step below a supervisor. Brett was also promoted. I also had a client for my webdesign business ask me to do regular work for him. This all happened within space of one week.

current story:

Within the last week and half, my back went out, again — causing extra trips to the chiro to get the pain to STOP, outside of the visits allowed by my insurance. Having to spend close to $200 for 6 visits was cash we’ve been scrambling to pull together.

Brett was placed on final written warning at his job, for … no fuckin’ joke… rebooting his system. There was no verbal warnings, no 1st or second warnings; Brett has nothing on his record, was in good standing. And because his system froze up & he had to reboot (causing him to lose the email he was working on)…despite the fact that his supervisor is a good friend of ours…ON A FRIDAY, the next supervisor up the line went straight up the chain of command and got all the fuckin’ signatures needed for a final written warning, including the fuckin’ H.R. sigs. On a FRIDAY. The FWW won’t drop off until JANUARY, and both of us know he’s not gonna last that long, not if they moved so damn fast for something as trivial as this. They’re gunning for him..he’s been there 7 years, and making close to an hourly amount that he’s noticed seems to be a ‘cutoff’ for folks stay at that damn place.

(THIS was the friday before the Journey show, and dammit, the whole thing with Journey being in town & bad shit happening to us still seems to occur. An aside note: Brett is now asking for supervisor assistance with every little thing, to make sure he’s “doing it right & by the book” and logging every incident. It’s evidently getting really annoying to those supervisors. Serves ’em right, ‘TARDS.)

Said client for my webdesign decided not to go with my work for this month…despite having told me as late as two weeks ago that yes, we were still on for August & he still wanted my work. and AFTER I’d already come up with the templates for this month and AFTER he’d uploaded all the content I needed to do this month’s work. So, THAT income dropped out, suddenly & without warning. That was last night. I’m trying to stay cool about it…he’s got a right to go with whoever he wants, after all, but dammit, he could’ve given me SOME warning instead of one out-of-the-blue email.

And on top of THAT, Robin (our oldest cat, 13 years old, 23 lbs, a black-and-white neuter whose got the attitude of a constipated bobcat) started vomiting all over the place yesterday. Now normally he does have a touchy stomach (we have to be real careful of the catfood we buy…any artificial colors, soy, preservatives, whatever, & he’s puking), but last night went above & beyond…the last two times came up RED. This was at 2 AM, when no vet is open or available. So after freaking out good & proper and scaring the hell out of the other two cats in the process…we decided to try some herbal medicine. Brewed up strong chamomile/catnip tea (both herbs are good for stomach issues), iced it down, and used that in the cats’ water bowl.

Okay. No vomiting at all today, and Robin’s been eating normally, though we’re keeping a very nervous eye on him (though Frodo (our youngest) has decided that the water bowl is his new best buddy. Ever see a cat try to cuddle a water bowl?).

So last night, as me and Brett were walking the complex and generally bitching about the whole situation (all of this comes within a week of a planned much-needed vacation to the Smokies…) and wondering who in the hell painted a big fuckin’ target on us, or hoo-doo’d us, or cursed us, or whatever…somehow the conversation turned to (of all fuckin’ things) Feng Shui. So today…on the hypothesis that “can’t hurt, might help, nothing to lose”… we spent the entire day cleaning out the apartment, focusing on the areas that are supposed to be the “money/career/reputation” areas…figures the catboxes, bathroom & main storage area are smack-dab in all three areas. Ye gods, we cleaned out a lot of stuff. And cleaned up. And dusted. and straightened. And cleaned out more. We haven’t smudged the place out…yet…but that’s gonna wait until the waning moon.

Maybe. We’ve got a shitload of frankincense powder around, and I’m half-tempted to incense-bomb the place and do an old-fashioned “whatever-the-hell-is-lurking-here-get-the-hell-OUT” exorcism/banishment/blessing. Still might. Hmmmm.

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