One night will remind you…how we f*cked and went our Separate Ways…

…or whatever the hell the song lyric is.

The lastest incarnation of the Frontiers Journey Sims:

Steve’s jeans are courtesy of and based on Knightskyekite’s “Spunky Bum Jeans” recolors, from ModTheSims2; Ross’s outfit and hair (and Jonathan’s & Smitty’s Hair) are from Mermaid Cove. The rest are my own recolors, retooled to match what these guys wear in the “Separate Ways” video. YES, STEVE WEARS NIKES IN THE VID.

This is almost final version!

And I KNOW Smitty didn’t wear the checkerboard pattern sneaks in the vid. But I know he HAD a pair, and these are a tribute to a pair *I* owned back in the 80s, because they were so freakin’ cool looking!

I’m not decided over Ross’s outfit…while this outfit is cool, many of the Sims2 sites don’t like (read: “have conniptions over”) folks posting Sims made with their work. I’m debating either making what he wears in the vid (white pants, t-shirt, grubby jean jacket) or going for the blue satin jumpsuit. Votes??

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