This may be a little blog with few readers…

…but those of you who DO read it….ANYONE who stumbles across this…

Help the Katrina survivors and victims. Donate now — even $5 will help. You can donate through the Red Cross site at or through the Salvation Army site at .

The Red Cross is also in dire need of blood, so if you can’t give money, if you’re that financially stressed, DONATE BLOOD. Anytime there’s a disaster like this, it overwhelms the blood supply, and the supplies were critical before this happened.

There’s also a raffle being sponsored by JIFR (Journey Radio Online) and to raise money for the Red Cross relief efforts. They’re raffling off an autographed copy of “Generations”, the new Journey CD — Karla Bostic runs the site, I’ve known her for years through the Journey Digest and the Journey Ring, and she’s a great lady with a great heart. More info is at .

“It comes back to you. Whatever you do, it all comes back to you.”
– Neal Schon, 1983 Off The Record interview

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