Well, that was really painless…


Last week, we discovered that all three of our babies were infested with fleas. YUCK. This DESPITE flea collars.

The worst case, Robin, is a BIG 22 pound tomcat (neutered) with one major attitude problem. This is Robin “I’ll claw your face off if you touch me” The Hutt. Robin “Feed Me Or Die” Cat. Robin “Pay Attention To Me! Pay Attention To Me! *SWAT* *YEEEOUCH*” of Danwood. Old Grouchy Cat, who’s never had a bath in his life.

He was the worst infested, poor guy. Flea dirt all through his coat, etc, etc.

(by the way, do NOT buy any of that bio-stripe or tube stuff that promises “one application & no fleas” you find on the shelves. It doesn’t work. Go for Advantage from your vet. I can’t even recommend Frontline — it doesn’t do jack for existing fleas)

Anyway, because of all the dirt, we decided to try to give Robin a bath to get the flea crap out of his coat. Yeah. We’re suicidal like that. So we cleared out the bathroom, put on heavy jeans and long sleeve sweatshirts; Brett had on leather gardening gloves; we put towels in the bottom of the bathtub — gearing up for war with The Cat. And Brett picks up Robin, carries him into the bathroom, I shut the door…

…and the Big Attitude Problem just sits in the tub like nothing’s wrong. Didn’t struggle, didn’t fight, didn’t yowl, even as I was pouring water over him & soaping his fur up. We’d expected to be in there at least an hour — we were done in under 15 minutes.

And after Robin was rinsed out & dried off with towels, he climbed out of the tub, got out of the bathroom, and didn’t run away to sulk or hide. Didn’t even shake off. Followed us around, head-butting us for an ear scratch and yumming up the treats we gave him.

THIS is after we’d seen site after site after site of “how to bathe a cat” hints & instructions, all telling of how much cats hate water & will struggle & fight & do anything they can to get out. We had even approached a professional groomer, explained the situation and asked for tips, and the pro groomer had shuddered and said “don’t”.

All that, and the big baby just accepted it all calmly, like we owed it to him.


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