I HATE People….

I hate people who decide that an apartment complex is the ideal place to drop off their unwanted cats. I hate people who get cats as cute fluffy kittens, then dump ’em when the kitten grows into a scrawny, gawky adolescent of six months. I hate people who take in an innocent, trusting ball of fluff, then betray that trust just because it *grows up*. I hate people who dump cats into apartment complexes without ANY realization that there’s already strays and established ‘owned’ cats there with their own territories, who’ll tear a newcomer to shreds.


There’s been a young cat, can’t be more than 6 months with that scrawny look of being underfed, hanging around outside our apartment for the last week; mostly black, with the white underbelly & big green-gold eyes — looks like Sylvester. I’m 90% sure she’s female (YOU try checking a cat that squirmy) and unspayed. She came running up to me & Brett as we were coming in from our nightly walk, meowing & rubbing & circling around us & following us back to our place, friendly & playful & NO COLLAR. She’s been breaking our hearts, because she’s so playful & so friendly…and we’ve got three boys already, in a small 2 bedroom apartment, and that’s already over lease.

We nicknamed her “Scooter”.

So we’ve been putting food out for her and have spent the past week checking with all the neighbors in the immediate buildings. No one owns her – or at least, no one owned up to owning her. There’s a couple across from us who own a similar black-and-white cat, and at first we thought this one was theirs, but no go; theirs is male. So finally, last night, knowing that winter was coming on and we’ve already had one pregnant female stray in the complex (fortunately rescued by another neighbor), we went on a “kitten-hunt”.

Found her rummaging around a dumpster, but she still came running up to us, meowing & purring & circling & eagerly following us home. We brought Scooter inside, got her quarantined in our bedroom. Dosed her with Advantage to take care of fleas, brushed her out, trimmed the claws; looks fairly healthy, thick shiny coat, though I’m pretty certain she has ear mites. The little girl spent the night curled up & purring in bed with us (and jumping down almost hourly to munch on the food we set out) AND WE CAN’T KEEP HER.

Before, when this situation has happened (yes, this isn’t the first time), we’ve had friends looking for cats who were willing to take the lost ones in. Now, though, everyone’s at their cat/dog limit, and those who don’t have cats, I wouldn’t trust any farther than I could toss a bag of catnip to take care of any pet, let alone a cat.

DAMN, I hate this. Our boys didn’t freak, though they did spend the night right outside the bedroom door (we don’t allow them in the bedroom after a couple accidents…on the bed), meowing plaintively and hissing whenever they saw Scooter whenever we opened the door. That’s fairly normal for new cats; been there, done that. We can tell she’s been owned before, just from how she acts & reacts & that she’s litter-box trained. BUT WE CAN’T KEEP HER. From all appearances, this little girl’s decided to adopt us, and we can’t honor that.

The three boys we’ve got are about all the space can handle, and they’re already underfoot way too much – especially when you realize that Robin is 22 lbs, and both Puck & Frodo are long, big boys, too. Add to that the lease issues, and dammit, I hate this. I hate it when stupid ignorant selfish bastards put their former pets in that situation and expect someone else to pick up the emotional and physical pieces. Coldhearted sonsofbitches — I hope their fuckin’ karma whacks ’em sevenfold on this one.

We’ve been told by Petsmart that the Madison County Humane Society shelter here is a no-kill shelter (wonderful place, Petsmart, btw — the one here works with both the MCHS and the Logan County HS to place cats out). I’m waiting on a callback now from them to confirm that.

I HATE people.

(edit 9/24/05 3:25 pm)

…and I REALLY hate supposed “no-kill” shelters that are too hard to find and that turn out NOT to be no-kill shelters when you question the staff a bit. MCHS is way out in the wilds of Madison County. Somewhere. Gods only knows where, because I drove around for a good hour — with directions from Mapquest and the staff, and could not find it. All the while, with a plaintively-meowing kitten-cat on the seat next to me, who looked like she was certain she was being abandoned again. Finally I gave up and drove back home and called the shelter again, and questioned the staff again, this time explaining the situation…

…and it turns out that this supposed “no-kill” shelter DOES kill the cats, but they have a four-week waiting list for people to bring cats in, which “reduces our need to euthanize”. Like HELL, lady. By the time four weeks goes by, me & Brett will have really bonded with her (and believe me, I was trying not to cry all during the drive around Madison County). And I’ll be damned if I’m gonna then give up a cat to a shelter that will still kill her if they can’t find a home for her.

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