We now have a new member of the family…(sigh)


…after finding out that Madison County HS was a kill-shelter after all, we tried calling Cat Welfare, the local no-kill shelter. Full up. Long waiting list. Not about to try any other HS’s in the area — I’ll be damned if we’re gonna give this little baby up to a place that’ll kill her just for having the bad luck to be abandoned by stupid owners.

So me and Brett…not having the heart to just kick this little girl out and likewise having our hearts stolen by this sweet cat…decided to go ahead & try to keep her. Just got back from the vet — for an abandoned cat, she was rather healthy. Fleas (dying — we dosed her with Advantage Friday night), but no worms, no fe-luke or AIDS, no ear mites, fairly healthy weight, and yes, she is a girl, unspayed. She’ll get THAT done on Wednesday. All her shots now current.

So now we’ve got a girl to balance our three boys. Oh boy oh boy, this is gonna be fun. I’ve cracked the door open on the bedroom, and watched our youngest, Frodo, go up & poke his nose through. The two touch noses, sniff for a few seconds, then Frodo hisses and backs away a step. Door closes; reopen a few minutes later, whole thing repeats. I’m thinking of dabbing vanilla on all their noses to see if THAT old trick actually works.

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