Not a happy kitten…

So Scooter was sulking all day today, hiding under our bed, refusing to look at me, only grudgingly allowing me to reach under and pet her. All this, over the vet trip.

Brett finally gets home, and decides to try the old bribery trick…a few tablespoons of tuna, with a half-tablet of valerian crushed up into it (valerian is a lot like catnip, but MORE SO. And it stinks to high heaven, to humans, anyway). Scooter comes out, yums up the tuna, finally allows us to pet her and stays out from under the bed. Still not the happy bouncy purring cat of before the vet visit, but at least not sulking.

THEN, about an hour later, we had to give her the de-worming medicine. A small squirt from a pre-filled syringe, into the mouth. Guess who got to do that job.

And Scooter jumped right off the bed and is now back under it, sulking again.

Damn. And we take her into the vet again on Wednesday for spaying. This poor baby’s gonna hate us.

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