Yet another blow struck for corporate stupidity…

Past two days, brain dead & fried.

My workplace decided to change the entire phone system. On Monday. After giving us training on Friday.

Did they bother to test said system? Evidently not.

I’m in a gate that usually gets maybe a couple calls an hour. We handle website support and email and various Internet-related merchant things. EVERYONE on my team was FLOODED with calls from the regular “service” gate, mostly stupid piddly “authorization” calls (merchants getting authorization for credit card charges) that I haven’t had to deal with in any quantity for well over four years. And by EVERYONE, I mean even the folks who were never trained to TAKE those calls.

Could we get any of our regular work done? No.

And this has been going on for the past TWO DAYS. I finally ordered our night team to stay in “unavailable” the whole night, just so we could get the email queries caught up.

Hmmmm…and Journey’s Generations was officially ‘released’ today. Already spent budget money on the two new Terry Pratchett books (“Where’s My Cow”…roflmao…you know a book rocks when you wander around your office randomly repeating quotes from it and breaking up giggling, making all of your co-workers look at you with rolling yeah-we-know-she’s-insane eyes) and the new Mediaeval Baebes CD, ‘Mirabilis’ (Holy Freakin’ CHRIST, it’s bloody awesome)…and Great Big Sea’s new one, “The Hard & The Easy” comes out on the 11th (doing happy jig).

Already got the freebie Generations, don’t need multiple copies. Sorry, Journey. NEXT time drop the freakin’ ticket price and SELL the CD at the concert, eh???

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