shit shit shit….

Just got in from work…

Rounded the corner of our back street, and found many cop cars all around, blocking all road access to our garage. HUGE area blocked off with police-line tape, and almost the whole damn neighborhood standing around. So we asked the closest people, “what happened?” had to ask several times before they even LOOKED at us, and then they went, “we can’t talk about it…” and turned away.

So we parked around the other side, hiked over around the far end of the garage & apartments, approached one of our neighbors that we knew…and found that some 18 year old kid had hung himself in his garage about a half hour ago.

They’re still out there, waiting for the coroner. All those lights, and one dark, open garage. And the kid’s live-in girlfriend, in hysterics, and the neighbors who found the body (evidently the kid left the garage open) are still being talked to by the police.

life fuckin’ sucks.

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