and we finally found out part of the whole story…

…at least Brett did, from the couple next door, who supposedly got it from the cops as the cops questioned them.

Worse, much worse. The man didn’t live in that apartment; he was dating the woman who did. She’d broken up with him, and he’d come over and they’d had a big fight, out in the yard between the apartments and in the parking lot. She went back inside, he opened the garage and hung himself, she *came back out*, saw it, and was trying to hold him up and save him.

Evidently there were other people out and kids playing while this was going on — that’s how the cops got called. Man was supposedly dead by the time the cops got there, but they left the body hanging and the garage *open* while they questioned everyone…

fuckin’ cops.

(yeah, yeah, I understand about not disturbing a potential crime scene, but given that it was dark & in a lightless garage, how the hell could they be sure he was dead?)

I hate walking that way. I don’t even want to walk there in daylight, towards that garage. You can *feel* the area where the kid walked, the moment you hit the boundary, I swear. If it wasn’t for us signing another year lease last week, I’d be so gone and out of here.

Amusing note: the couple next door have had their car broken into three times in the past couple months & had their radio stolen. They keep replacing it, and the car keeps getting broken into — the thieves don’t break the window or pop the lock, so it seems they’ve got one of those ‘jimmy’ tools AAA uses. However…kiddos, you got a garage for a reason. If you’d clean out your freakin’ junk & use it like God intended…

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