I sit here craving coffee and a cigarette…

…and I don’t even SMOKE and HATE coffee…

Ye GODS, Dagoba chocolate is orgasmic. (“Mocha…you seek MOCHA…”)

(no no. Not THAT Dagoba. It’s a brand name. Seriously. 100% organic chocolate)

So I splurged a bit today and me & Brett went to a local coffee shop. HE got a pound of really good coffee (he’s the coffee freak). I got two really really good chocolate bars (I’m the chocolate addict). There was this “dagoba” stuff (all star wars fan geekiness aside) that was labeled “eclipse – extra dark chocolate” at 87% cacao…


Not sweet — it sits just a bit bitter on the tongue. But you let it sit and chew it just enough to break it down and melt in your mouth, and next thing you know, your tongue and mouth and throat are coated in this dark smoky chocolate that has just a hint of sweet (cane juice, not processed sugar), and you’re reaching for the rest of the bar because, okay, just one more square and that’s really it and then over two-thirds the bar is gone before you know it…


THAT’S good chocolate!

(I should note that I do NOT like milk chocolate. Too sweet. Gimme dark chocolate any day — or white. Pure white cacao butter, not that ‘artificial vanilla flavored’ crap that tends to come out around easter).

The only thing that tops it is good sushi. And before ANYONE comments about “Sushi. Ohio. RIGHT.”…come out here & THEN you can decide. Thanks to the miracle of fed-ex and jet airlines and tuna/salmon farms, we DO get fresh fish here, and there’s a couple really good sushi bars that beat out what we’ve tried on the East Coast. No joke.

Granted, I have run into one or two really bad sushi places here, too — those don’t stay around very long. When you serve food that makes your customers sick, they tend to remember it and stay far away. FAR away. And spread the word.

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