You mean an “oh god oh god we’re all gonna die” moment. Yeah.


You don’t need to have seen the Firefly TV series to ‘get’ this movie — gods know I didn’t, and I sat tense & laughing & going “YES!!!” all through it. “SERENITY” IS WHAT STAR WARS EP 1 2 3 SHOULD HAVE BEEN.

if Lucas had balls and brain, that is. Which he doesn’t. He doesn’t even have basic storytelling skills anymore (back DOWN, fanboy geeks. Y’all are drooling idiots lacking your own brains and with no sense of intelligent storymaking. And I’ve got a sharpened broadsword & the purple chainmail bikini guts to use it).

Be listening to the dialogue. There’s a lot of wit going on, but you have to be listening kind of close to catch the lines. Especially in the beginning sequence.

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