More updates…

Note to self:

When I do updates, upload ALL the updates. Yeesh. The Sacred Journey: Evolution section is now properly updated, as it should’ve been last night. Some great stuff from Japan’s Musiclife magazine, and I’m *slowly* starting to incorporate the stuff that was on the (sadly) now-defunct late-great Steve Perry Downloads Site. If the owner of that great site has any issues with that, please contact me here — or if you want to share the stuff you never got to display because of bandwidth thieves, I’ll gladly host it.

I eat bandwidth thieves and hotlinkers for lunch. With Creole Mustard.

Sarah, you’d sent me some great “gold” pictures, and for the life of me, I can’t find what I did with them. I’ve got a few up in Evolution — is that all? I could’ve sworn there were more.

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