Typed with a purring cat in my lap…

Did you ever have something so good, so wonderful, that it spoiled your taste for anything like it of lesser quality?

I posted earlier about Dagoba chocolate — I’ve also just had the very good fortune of trying 100% single-bean Venezuelan dark chocolate, 70% cacao (Whole Foods Market! WOAH!). Oh. My. God. It’s a freakin’ orgasm.

And now…commercial mass-produced chocolate tastes AWFUL.

There is a chocolate/candy maker here in Columbus, “Anthony Thomas”, that everyone considers really good, best in town, that sort of thing. One of my coworkers was selling AntThom chocolate bars as a fundraiser for their kids’ school, and of course, I bought one.


One square, and I handed the rest to another teammate. I will never eat Milk Chocolate again. I will never eat AntThom again. It’s SO cut down, there’s no chocolate taste TO it, and I swear, it tasted WAXY. Hershey? Forget it — maybe the special dark, if I’m desperate, but man, even Hershey is awful, after having the real stuff. Those silly little “Palmer” chocolate things you see in the bulk-candy sections? REALLY forget it.

Gods, I’ve not only been spoiled, but now I’m a chocolate snob. AND an addict.

I’m doomed.

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