still going OMFG…

Note to self: Don’t watch DVDs translated from old video on computer. Too high res. Watch on TV. Picture is soooooo much better.

Though it’s projects like the Houston DVD that make you wonder why the band/Steve Perry don’t put out yelps for help to the fans. That would’ve turned up people willing to loan (GIVE!) them tapes for the missing/degraded bits of both audio & video. Yup, the “Steve Smith on Drums” yell is way too obviously Mr.-Older-Perry re-dubbing it in…and real quick, how many folks would’ve been willing to give up their tapes to get the original yell? –waving hand madly–

(btw, same with Superjam. I know there’s good copies, even 1st generation copies, of this floating around, despite what the Box Set claims about the tapes being mysteriously lost. Classic stuff has been recovered from common recordings before this — I hereby vote to get THAT to be Journey’s/Perry’s next ‘classic’ project!)

A curious example of Changing History: the opening bit where Steve’s giving the whole “you see this guy right here with this camera? we’re making an album movie…”? The line was originally Steve going “…for M-Television and YOU ARE THERE…”, and here, it’s inexplicably re-dubbed to “…for MTV”, though there seems to be no issue with the video or audio, since the original *video* is still there. C’mon, Steve, it was such a CUTE mistake…

Small nitpicky stuff, really. I still spent most of today watching the DVD again, and listening to the CD, and watching the DVD…

Gods. It takes so little to turn me back into a drooling -ite.

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