The Annual Holiday “You People Have Too Much Time On Your Hands” Rant

Okay. I’m amused, and giggling, and pissed, all at once.

On my lunch break this afternoon, CNN was devoting airtime to an idiot Xtian Right-Winger upset because the White House’s Christmas card read “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”…calling it a “war on Christmas”. Evidently that simple phrase is proving Mr. Bush to be overly “PC” and “anti-Christian” and is proof that the whole country is going to hell in a handbasket. (I won’t mention the clueless idiot left-winger they had on there for counter-point — that idiot was blathering something about Santa Claus & Saddam Hussein & was obviously so stoned he didn’t know where he WAS, let alone the topic).

Dear Mr. Xtian…

Welcome to the Other Side.

It’s always the majority that screams loudest when they find themselves on the receiving end of what they’ve been dishing out. It’s always the majority that whines & moans about “unfairness” when they have to face up to the same treatment they’ve been giving out.

Suck it up, Man, and grow up. No one’s telling you that you can’t wish folks “Merry Christmas”. I’ll defend to the death your right to tell folks that…even though you’d spit in my face if I tried to wish you a “Happy Yule” in return.

Dear, dear Mr. Xtian, it’s not exclusion. It’s not PC. It’s “politeness”.

Last I heard…at least, for the next couple years…Bush ain’t President of the Christians in this country. He’s president of ALL of us, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Pagans, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. etc. etc. Ours is a land of *many* faiths, not just yours. Those White House cards go out to persons of all faiths, not just Christians. It’s common politeness to send wishes that acknowledge what folks are actually celebrating, not just for the so-called “majority” religion (which, by the way, isn’t even a majority. If you try to claim that Christianity is “one” faith and belief, you need to study your theology & history.)

It’s called “inclusion”. As in, acknowledging that MANY faiths and beliefs make up this great country of ours, that almost all faiths have festivals at this time of year — and some of those pre-date your precious Xtian Right-Wingism. We all know about Hanukah (which falls on Christmas, this year). Islam has its own Festival of Lights around this time (Eid al-Fitr); Kwanzaa’s right after Christmas, the Winter Solstice/Yule right before. Heck, even the Buddhists have their day (Rohatsu). For that matter, even if you limit it to Christianity, you still have several Winter holidays that fall in this month, celebrated by various culture groups (St. Lucia’s day, St. Nicholas’ Day, Thanksgiving, New Years…). It’s not just one holiday — it’s many.

This country is not just one religion. It’s many. But you conveniently forget that. Or want to bulldoze over the rest of us…to make sure that your holiday takes precedence. And I won’t go into how your precious Christmas is only at this time of year because of all the **Pagan** Solstice celebrations. Study your history, Mr. Xtian. See where that “Christmas” tree really comes from.

Dear idiot-child Mr. Xtian…do you know the real reason why courthouses and town halls and government buildings can’t display a Nativity scene? Oh, sure, our government cannot support one religion, separation of church/state — no, no, no. If it was that, if it was just that, that’s easily worked around.

But if some Bright Government Person decided “Hey, let’s support them ALL…let’s not only have a Nativity Scene, but also let the Judaic folk put up a menorah, the Muslims their lights, etc, etc…” …well, Mr. Xtian, as sure as your version of God made little green apples, one of YOUR people, one of those currently howling about the removal of the nativity scenes, one of those folks would be howling & crying & *suing* about how their tax dollars were being used to support other faiths. And gods help the Bright Government Person if they decided to let one of the Pagan groups put up a Yule/Solstice display. I can hear your “devil-worshipping satanist” screams from here.

Far easier for the courts to decide, “If not all can, then no one can” than to be put in the un-enviable, un-Constitutional position of trying to sort out what religions have a “right” to display on Government Property.

But that, dear Mr. Xtian, will go right over your head. You only see your way. You do not care or want to know about how your insistence on your way runs rampant over all.

So Merry Yule, Mr. Xtian. Or Happy Holidays. Or Merry Christmas. Take your pick. I don’t tell you what to celebrate at this time of year. Kindly do me and the rest of us the same courtesy.

(coming tomorrow…the amusement factor, or “Man, this idiot customer picked the WRONG person to gripe about this to.”)

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