*hack hack* *sneeze* *cough* OUCHIES

chest hurts, head hurts, nose hurts…penicillin is hard to swallow…

…purring cat in lap, much snuggles…

FOUR & 1/2, count them, FOUR and 1/2 boxes of tissues since Tuesday.

Though being home this much time as let me watch the cat-dynamics in full flower. We recently got one of those cat-climbing-tower things for the living room, much to all the cats’ delight. The new adoptee, Scooter, has been taken in by Frodo, our other *baby* (3 years old, still a BABY). Much pounce & chase between the two, and Scooter has claimed the top-most perch on the climber as HERS, and HERS ONLY…well, since she’s the only one who CAN get up there, the others don’t contest it. Frodo has claimed my lap (a kitty wrist-rest, even now, oh joy!). Puck, our second oldest, stretches out big & fluffy & golden & boneless over the couch & in my lap when Frodo wanders off. And Robin…well…

And I’d forgotten how much damn time it takes to download/upload the entire shrine. I’d just…forgotten. Ick.

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