new nose, need new nose…

ye gods, this is nasty crap.

The HSOJ is getting a new webhost as of today. Given Barb’s experiences with Bravenet & my encounters with their tech support, I am NOT staying there. Besides, when I find a host at the same price, better rated ( and with 3x the space & bandwidth…hell YEAH, I’m transferring. And a better control panel & stats area, which Bravenet really lacked (and what they did have was confusing, even for me).

And even now, Bravenet is being an absolute bitch. Trying to download the Shrine from it…to make sure I’ve got the *entire* current shrine to transfer…and “the server has closed connection” every 30 sec, I swear. GIMME MY FILES BACK, BEE-ATCH.

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