It’s all related, somehow. I just KNOW it.

Two news items out today:

Isaac Hayes (a self-described “civil rights activist of 40 years”) quits South Park…because it’s disrepectful to religion.


The Sex Pistols are to be inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame…and have told the Hall to basically piss off (exact words: “we’re not your monkeys.”)

First: Isaac, it took you 10 FUCKIN’ YEARS OF SOUTH PARK TO GET OFFENDED?? Shyah. Right. Matt & Trevor nailed you right, you hypocrite. I hope South Park does your end good & proper and replaces Chef’s voice with Steve Perry.

(omg…head spinning…that thought was just too weird & just fucked up enough to happen)

Second: Sex Pistols, YOU ASSHOLES ROCK!! YOU ROCK! YOU ROCK! (I totally despise their music, but hell, it’s great to see ONE old band refusing to suck up to The Man)

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