Hell is what you carry with you…

Hell is turning 40.

This year. In 2 months. And already having major depressive fits over it. And it doesn’t help that I have parents who seem to take delight in outlining all their little medical breakdowns, ending with “see what you have to look forward to?”

Gah. I’ve broken down enough in the past 40 years. My freakin’ warranty ran out at 17.

What IS it about our society that’s so determined to make growing older so goddam depressing?

I’ve already threatened major head-cracking & defection if anyone at work so much as *thinks* of doing that stupid bullshit called “over the hill” (aka, “hey, you’re gonna DIE in a few years! HAHAHAHAHA!”).

Next chapter of “Alien Sky” will be up soon. It’s one of those very-painful-to-write things, which, if you’ve been following it, should tell you everything you need to know.

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