Clash = Terrorism

There’s just nothing I can say to this. The paranoid idiot fundies are winning their war again those of us with SENSE.

Some folks may have heard about the college student at Ohio University that was arrested for terrorism because her bicycle (BICYCLE, mind you) bore a bumpersticker that read “This bike is a pipe bomb”. There’s some long story behind the bumpersticker; suffice to say that some minor rock band sells those things. However…it should be fuckin’ OBVIOUS that a) the bike held no bomb, b) the bike had no place TO hold a bomb, let alone a pipe bomb, and c) Athens County Police are fuckin’ clueless asshats. They couldn’t make the terrorism charge stick, so they dropped it in favor of “inducing panic”…which the judge tossed out of court.

For those who aren’t familiar with the area, Athens County is back-country/backhills southeastern Ohio Appalachia. And the cops ACT it.

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