Small animals excreting on them for hours!

So here I sit, with a bottle of hard cider downed & slightly drunk, and a loudly purring cat in my lap (“is Fwodo a good boy, den? Is he? Is he? awwwww purring kitty’s so CUTE…” *snuggle snuggle snuggle*), my back still hurting like hell, and all I can think of to write about is this:

On a Silver Chain to boot.

And a little bit further down the page is something that just confirms my opinion of all Chiropractors right now:

“Chiropractor James Burda of Athens, Ohio, advertises a miraculous cure in which he sends patients, via telepathy, back to the origin of an injury so they can understand the pain and make adjustments. Dr. Burda says he need not meet the patient, nor even talk by phone, because e-mail works perfectly well, even for people who want chiropractic treatment for their pet. According to his website, he discovered his skill by accident, while driving around one day. Not surprisingly, the Ohio State Chiropractic Board announced in April that it would hold a hearing to review Burda’s work.”

Yes, this is the same Athens, OH where Ohio University is, the OU that got hacked because it left alum social security numbers unprotected on an Internet-connected computer. Let’s just nuke the freakin’ town and party.

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