Anyway, on to the real post…

Okay, so having been off for a few days with NOTHING TO DO gave me plenty of time to catch up on the DVDs we’ve stockpiled & haven’t had a chance to watch. Feel free to argue loudly with me if I diss one of your favorites, but know always that I am ALWAYS RIGHT, DAMMIT. So: the official “What I watched When I was hurting too bad to move” list:

“The Triplets of Belleville”: ummmm. Okay. Yeah. Nice art. Sloooowww-as-frozen-molasses story. Thank gods I had nothing better to do when I watched this.

“Trigun: The $$60,000,000,000 Man” (anime series, first four episodes): still giggling insanely over this one. It may not be to everyone’s taste: futuristic lone gunman (geeky dork obsessed with donuts) out to right wrongs on some far planet. The total flipped-out dichotomy of Vash-the-Idiot vs. Vash-the-Silent-Brooding-Loner is what makes this series tick. Can’t wait to get my hands on the rest.

“Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire”: ummmm…WTF? Pass on this one & read the book instead. Nice cinematography. Loved how they did the dragons. But they sacrificed all character development in favor of an action-adventure bent that MADE NO SENSE because they’d cut out all the character points that DROVE the plot. Though after seeing this movie, I did go back & reread this book and Order and Half-Blood, and I will now make 3 predictions for the last book. Bookmark this post ’til next year, and we’ll see what I got right:

  • Harry is a Horcrux.
  • Harry is a descendant of Godric Gryffindor; as such, he is a “relic” of GG, and that is what caused Voldemort’s Horcrux/Adava Kedavra to backfire.
  • Harry survives the Final Confrontation and becomes Hogwarts’ Defense Against Dark Arts teacher.


“Corpse Bride”: woah. Witty, heart-wrenching (it had me sniffling at the end, and my husband…my solid, laid-back, husband…crying), and the stop-motion animation is a joy to watch. A creepy, spooky, shivery fairytale.

“Wallace & Gromit: Three Amazing Adventures” (ie, A Grand Day Out, The Wrong Trousers, A Close Shave): BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA…omg, this was too good. Grand Day Out was a little slow & crude (it was the first W&G made), but the other two are sheer joys to watch. Especially Close Shave. Especially OMG YOU GOTTA WATCH THIS Close Shave. I’m still giggling over the Sean The Sheep.

“Quest for Camelot” I’ve actually had this one for a while; I only got it as a Walmart $5 special because of the Steve Perry video “I Stand Alone”. I saw it in the theaters back when, and popped it in the DVD machine thinking it couldn’t have been as bad as I remember it, maybe I was misremembering…

Nope. It’s that bad. Worse, even. Crappy animation (distorted, out-of-perspective, UGLY), non-existent plot, even more non-existent characterization, lame humor (from WARNER BROTHERS?? WARNER BROTHERS???). ICK ICK ICK.

U2: Rattle & Hum: I’d forgotten how good this is — well, the music & performing parts anyway. U2 rocks, but they don’t make good documentary subjects. At least, not here. At least, not at Graceland.

Spirited Away: WHAT DO YOU MEAN, YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF THIS ONE??? Go. Go NOW, my child, and buy this DVD and watch it with your children. You’ll love it, and they’ll love it. Gloriously beautiful animation, wonderfully-real-and-true-to-life plot (well, as true-to-life as it can get when your parents are kidnapped into the Spirit Realm and you have to be a servant to the gods and spirits of the land to save them, anyway), funny moments driven by the characters and their personalities, flying sequences that will leave you breathless. Harry Potter? Who’s Harry Potter?

FLCL: I finally got the full series when Media Play went out of business. I’ve watched this several times over, and it STILL makes no sense. I’m giggling all through it, busting out laughing at quite a few points, collapsing into hysterics at least once an episode. The voice-characterizations are dead-on (a rarity in American-dubbed anime), and the animation style is best described as “whoops, here it comes..whoops, there it went”, but I STILL have no clue what happened beyond an alien invasion. I think. And a girl bashing people’s heads with an electric guitar in classic El-Kabong style. Ummmm…wow.

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