ye gods, who or what in the hell have I pissed off THIS time?

So Saturday morning, about 3 or so AM, I wake up feeling like I’ve been punched in the stomach, a sharp, achy pain that lessens a bit, but remains achy. Probably just from a dream…so I turn over and try to get back to sleep.

Pain continues, and keeps getting worse. By 8pm Saturday, it’s feeling like someone is reaching into my abdomen, grabbing my stomach and intestines & squeezing/twisting the bejesus out of them. We’re talking doubled-over & almost screaming PAIN. Not constant, but maybe a minute or so between spasms, and Brett finally goes, “enough” and drags me out of the apartment and down the street to the hospital ER.

Triage, exam, and CAT scan later…they find a partial obstruction in the small intestine, possibly from scar tissue from all the previous surgeries I’ve had down there. And the hospital surgeons, thankfully, were very reluctant to do any surgery, because they feel it’ll probably make the situation worse and “usually’ these things clear up on their own. (side note: yes, “all”. Two for intescepseption back in high school, and two others since for adhesions & complications resulting from those high school surgeries. Yeeeeesh.)

So I ended up spending the rest of Saturday, all day Sunday, and Monday morning in the hospital for observation. And I found out that I cannot take an NG tube (after 4 attempts ended up in me nearly choking to death on tube & vomit, the ER staff said “if surgery wants it done, let surgery do it”) and that my arms are pure hell to get an IV into (three attempts & one blown vein..OUCH).

On the good news side: It did lessen down all on its own. No vomiting aside from the NG fiasco, no nausea, can eat just fine for the most part..but good GODS. Here I sit, loopy on percoset and home AGAIN and off work. Between that and my back, I’m a real joy to be around right now.

(note to my Evil Brain-Twin: If this is some type of obscure psychic competition over who can break down faster as we get older, I GIVE UP ALREADY!! YOU WIN! STOP, PLEASE! :-P)

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