he’s got a point, but…

…why waste everyone’s time in court?

Atheist sues Catholic Church

Hey, *all* religions are scams, meant to maintain control over people and their behaviour. I mean, they basically say, “do such-and-such, live in the way we tell you, and you’ll get all this reward **after you die**”. Not that there’s any proof or any way of enforcing that, and once you’re dead, you can’t come back after them for breach of contract. Though that would be an interesting court case — a dead person’s relatives sue the religious organization for proof of that person going to heaven after following its precepts.

But suing to prove Jesus’s existence…pointless. Might as well sue to prove the existence of *any* historical figure, or nation, or culture, or whatnot. Maybe the man should take it further — sue to prove the existence of ALL religious figures and show up ALL religions as a scam.

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