okay, okay, ENOUGH…

So the full physical exam with the regular MD got moved up to Monday (a good thing). No diabetes, thank gods, nothing else out of the ordinary save for borderline high cholesterol and the round of falling-apartness already mentioned here. Neck & shoulder still hurt, so I’m off work until Tuesday to give everything a chance to rest & heal — HAH!

Today, I saw a specialist for my back; I need to get another xray series done on my low back so he can see what’s going on. The original xrays evidently weren’t very clear & weren’t done in a way to show the full extent of what was happening with the spine. So…yet another test being done.

And the MD insisted on me going through with the xray series on my gut on Friday; she doesn’t think surgery is needed either, but they want to be sure. This means I have to be at Riverside Medical Center at 6:45 AM (omg that’s too fuckin’ early) and stay there for about FOUR HOURS while they pump berium into me & take xrays of my intestinal tract every half hour. And mind, every time I’ve ever had to drink that crap in the past, I’ve never held it down.

Talk about pure torture.

For those waiting on the latest rounds of tales & stuff, I apologize. With all this crap going on and I’m sitting here fogged on muscle-relaxers, I’m lucky to type this clearly.

There’s four starlings on the lawn right outside my window, yammering at the top of their tiny lungs. Probably wanting popcorn, the beggars.

Interesting fact: me & Brett went out for a walk last night. Saturn was in the sky, right between the constellations Cancer & Gemini…my two birth signs. Ominous.

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