ye gods, who or what in the hell have I pissed off THIS time? So Saturday morning, about 3 or so AM, I wake up feeling like I've been punched in the stomach, a sharp, achy pain that lessens a bit, but remains achy. Probably just from a I turn over and try to … Continue reading Percoset…wheeeeeeee…..

Let’s go a step further…

...and say what we're ALL thinking: The Damn Useless Things CAUSE Teen Sexual Activity. Nothing succeeds at getting curiousity & interest up than making something forbidden. And unfortunately, this sad sorry US culture and idiotic Christian Right have never grasped that.


So I've got a bad back. I've had a bad back for a while. And Thursday, the day after the Great Big Sea concert, it decided it was going to remind me it was a bad back. Not quite a spasm, but DAMN. It was bad, bad enough I was in tears, and continued to … Continue reading owie

Kung Food

Business name? Badger Defense. Motto? "For those who choose not to be a victim". What are they selling? um...cookware. Man, where do these people come UP with this?