the shallow beat of skin

y’know, I think I probably hold the record for viewing the most crappily-designed merchant websites in one lifetime.

That runs concurrent with “most inane websites viewed” in one lifetime, and “most scam websites viewed” in three lifetimes.

Today’s random sampling of crappy/inane/scam/odd sites viewed in the course of my job: ($40 t-shirts. Only difference between these & the $4 walmart special I’m wearing right now is their company logo ironed-on the front. shyah. right.) (they’re REAL! they’re keeping it REAL!) (it’s not that such a site exists, it’s that there’s an ASSOCIATION…) (question of the week: “Is oral sex fornication if you’re not married?” Ummmm…)

Good news for the day: my workplace CHANGED THE MUZAK!! I’m now sitting under a wonderful mix of classic /80’s/ hairband current rock. When you go from Journey’s “Only the Young” to Red Hot Chili Pepper’s “Dani California”, you know you’ve got a winner.

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