The Saga of the Back continues…

So, all my faithful ignorers readers might remember this post, in which I told of the Evil Chiropractor Who Said that his fancy miracle machine therapy was not covered by any insurance.


Well. I went to the Good D.O. about a week and a half ago; had a full separate xray series done on my lower back. And THIS D.O. actually looked at the xrays and the report (and poked and prodded some more & did some stretching-out & showed me the correct way to do proper exercises). AND showed me that my last vertebrae before spine hit tailbone was indeed scrunched down, painfully too far so. From the pain patterns, he suspected a bulging/herniated disc, but since I have staples from the prior intestinal surgeries, they can’t do an MRI to find out (metal + MRI = OUCH OUCH OUCH). AND that he could manipulate it to relieve it somewhat, but he thought I was a good candidate for spinal decompression to fix it completely — would I like to give it a try?

At this point, I’m blinking at him like the owl caught in daylight (omg, someone who wasn’t blowing me off about the back pain), and I managed to stammer out that I didn’t think my insurance covered the decompression, and told him what had happened with the Evil Chiro.

He’s giving me a look, going, “You’re with United Health, right? They cover it. It’s physical therapy.” And then the Good D.O. went on to explain that too many Chiros overcharged way too much for it & they didn’t like insurance companies telling them what the reasonable cost was, and he’d have his technician double-check with UHC, but he was fairly certain it was completely covered. In the meantime, “go on, try it — today’s a freebie, we’ll see how you tolerate it before we set you up for the full series.”

Which I did, and they did, and it was. Fully covered, that is. I still have to do the co-pay for each office visit, but $15 x 20 sessions is a LOT cheaper than the jack-off price the Evil Chiro was trying to charge.

For those who don’t know what spinal decompression is, think of the modern day version of the rack; the whole idea is to put back the space between the compressed vertebrae so the disc gets sucked back in by the vaccum. HOWEVER, it’s comfortably padded (with a fluffy pillow tucked under your head), it vibrates, and the stretching is very very gentle (for me, from the hip level down). With classical music playing. This morning’s session, I almost fell asleep. Both the Good D.O. and the tech said I should start feeling real results after the 10th session, but I’m already noticing a little improvement. and at this point, a little is a LOT.

*crossing fingers*

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