quack quack HONK

omg omg omg..TWO wonderfully what-the-fuck websites came into my queue today.

The first is a single item on an otherwise routine boring seen-’em-by-the-thousands vitamin supplement site:

Revitalized Water Concentrate! (aka CONCENTRATED water. think about it. Think really hard. Well, we don’t have to think that hard. I hope.)


You wanna buy a house WHERE?? (it’s either really really cool or the site owners have the biggest balls in the world to pull off a scam like this.)

I could also go into the camouflage male g-string, but that may be too much. Conversation over this item with a co-worker:

me: “man, if an army guy needs THAT in the middle of the jungle, he’s got serious issues”
co-worker: “All depends what jungle he’s crawling through…”

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