and OH, I kid you not…

From my never-ending queue of the weird, inane, and just out-and-out why-are-you-BOTHERING websites:

The Pest Elimination Pants System (ie, the real meaning of Ants In Your Pants).
Buy Money! ($125 gets you…$100.)

I swear to gods, I do not make these up.

I’ve also been seeing a spate of sites dedicated to selling something called “airsoft”…that is, guns. For gaming. For those who missed out on this bit of idiocy, it ain’t paintball. This is folks taking real-looking guns and going out into the woods to fire live ammo at each other. Similar to bb pellets, from what I understand, but godsDAMN, folks, can you say “Darwin Awards”? Sure. Knew you could.

And you know it’s way too slow a news day here in Columbus when THIS is on the front page. With a huge-ass picture:

Diet Coke go BOOM!!

Of course, now I want to run right out and TRY it. Thanks, Dispatch. Love you, too. They did that just to increase their news content, I know it. I can see tomorrow’s headline now: “Local Artist/Writer/Geek Arrested For Car Bomb Soda”.

And from the Really Cool Domain Names Wasted On Inane Sites list:

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