Macs 4, Windows 400…

…and the Mac WINS.

So for my job, we had a data/network security company come in and do a seminar on such things, including a hacking demo. Yeesh — such things are ridiculously easy, it seems, and I pause here to implore all my friends to make sure your firewall/virus protection is current & up to date. Such Evil Folks regularly scan the Net looking for open computers and can get in and leave files on your computers without you knowing about it, files that can then be used for a variety of activities that they control.

Anyway, in the course of the seminar, the question of Macs vs. PCs came up, and we got a website,, where you can go, enter in your operating system, version, etc, and see what security holes & vulnerabilities it has and how to fix them.

So, I got back to my desk with my team, and for fun, I pulled up the site and did a search on Mac OS X.4.6 (the latest version I’m running). 4 — count them, 4 — vulnerabilities popped up, all of which have been fixed by the updates I obtained within the past month.

One of my teammates, watching over my shoulder, said, “okay, do windows.” And we run two searches, on Windows XP Home and Windows XP Pro, both with the latest SP2.

4 PAGES of vulnerabilities and holes turned up.

*blows smoke across finger*

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