It was just Too Damn Cool.

The Star Wars exhibit at COSI was just TOO DAMN COOL.

WAY damn cool. I mean, real costumes & robots & props & models too damn cool. And Wookie Costumes, three full freakin’-size WOOKIE costumes(“Chewbacca was THAT tall?? OMG. no way…”). Luke’s landspeeder was there, full size & in all its dented mushed up glory (me to Brett: “Man, looks like our old Geo Storm, huh?”), and we got to sit in the Millenium Falcon cockpit and take a “galaxy” tour…SQUEEEEEEE!!! And the lightsabers, and the blasters, and the breakdown of Vader’s helmet, and…and…and…

The best part of the exhibit was the real-life technology that had been inspired by Star Wars, or that was close to what was in Star Wars. AT-AT vehicles? We got ’em — the lumberjacking industry uses them, these six-legged walking machines that are used to go through heavy forest. Robots that can play soccer? Got ’em (and DAMN, they are CUTE!!!). Jacks that plug into your brain & let you control a computer — got ’em, and that was the scariest part of the exhibit (a little bit of paranoid thinking should tell you why).


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