updates to the Shrine…

hoo BROTHER are they long overdue. Still working on pics — have a ton of new stuff and have had too much other crap going on to get the updates done.

One piddling thing, I did fix the Journey Sims entry page, so the logo now displays correctly. It only took me, what, 3 months? I’ll be fixing the flash front logo & making some other cosmetic changes to remove dead weight, improve the interface & get the silly thing to load faster. The Fanfic area is loooong overdue for changes & updates, as is the UASSUHO strip. So, hang in there — it’s coming!

To that end: if you see ANY problems with the site, anywhere on it, post ’em here & let me know. I’m trying to go over it with my own fine-tooth comb, but gods know I’ll miss something.

I’ve also removed some bans & IP blocks on the site. IF YOU CAN BEHAVE YOURSELVES, you can post here and visit the site again. Otherwise, you’re going to see the sole of my foot again as it approaches at high-speed towards your ass.

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