& from the You Must Be Kidding Website Queue today…

It’s karma, it’s got to be:

Gay Ken Doll Sex (click the Portfolio >> Unstitched area. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

and right after it:

It’s not porn. Nope. Not a bit. I’m just thinking the dirty stuff.

From the “Hey, if you’re so old you can’t drive right, GET OFF THE ROAD” category,

Magnets. Big honking magnets.

And today’s lesson in WTF Stupidity —

No, You Can’t Buy Anything & We Won’t LET YOU. A site where you can only use gift cards to purchase things. So when you try to buy a gift card from the site, you get this:

“You must make at least one purchase with a gift card before buying another gift card.”

I pause here to let that sink into all of our brains.

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