Perryville & Perry-ites, you disgust me.

First off, the article that started all this is here:

Steve Augeri Leaves Journey due to throat infection

Steve Augeri is sick. The man is in serious danger of losing his voice.

And there’s Perry “fans” — especially on Perryville and the forums — that are gloating over this.

Let me get this straight. Someone…a fellow human being…is ill. Is in danger of losing his livelihood. Has extreme misfortune. And you animals are gloating over it.

You don’t deserve the name “human.”

Human beings don’t gloat over someone’s misery. Human beings don’t root for someone’s failure. Human beings don’t rejoice in another’s bad luck. Upright apes do. Humans don’t.

This isn’t about whether you like or dislike/love or hate the Augeri Journey lineup. It’s about decency. It’s about humanity. No one gloated over Perry’s illnesses that forced the cancellation of his solo tour; no one gloated over his hip injury. And here you asses are, gloating over someone’s bad luck & misery.

Here you are, rooting for someone to fail, rejoicing in their misfortune and illness that may cost them their livelihood. Someone who never hurt you, never wished you anything but good, never wanted anything but for folks to enjoy the music.

You return that good will with evil.

By their fruits ye shall know them…and Perry-ites, your fruit is rotten and maggot-ridden. You show your true selves now, and it’s as ugly as a water-logged corpse.

No wonder Steve Perry hides from you assholes. I wouldn’t want anything to do with you so-called “fans”, either.

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