It’s been a long time coming…

…but we may actually see the full Evolution Journey Sims2 set very soon…

Ross & Smitty are basically the Frontiers Sims with a clothing/hairstyle change; you know the Sims are good when you can re-use them as that. I know that’s not what Ross wears on the Evolution cover. We’ve GOT the BMP files for that outfit. But while the BMP looks very smooth & silky when viewing it in Photoshop, it goes to pure utter wonky hell when we load it in the game — blotchy, pixelish & what-the-freakin’-hell-is THAT-wrong. So the outfit is one that he wore on the Departure tour, that was pictured in the old Robyn Flans “Journey” picture book.

I’m also not happy with Gregg’s face or hair, but we’ll see what I can work out.

So I’ve got all these Sims loaded into the game, in two separate houses, and I’m spending some very happy time building & puttering & adjusting…and without any prompting from me, the Gregg Rolie Sim commandeered the piano first thing — he hadn’t even explored the rest of the house!

After a bit, the Gregg/Ross/Smitty family are welcomed to the neighborhood by…yup… Neal & Steve Sim. Who promptly go up & get into the hot tub with Gregg & Smitty.

After a little MORE bit, Ross & Smitty & Gregg’s hunger meters get too low, and they’re all down in the kitchen eating. And talking. And eating some more. And I notice that Steve & Neal Sim have not made an appearance. So I angle the camera to the hot tub on the second floor….

There’s nothing blocking Steve Perry Sim. He has no “actions” in his queue. He’s just standing there, staring down at Neal in the hot tub. Neal Sim, who appears to be blissfully unaware of the gaze. I left the camera there, & just watched — he stood there a good FIVE MINUTES, real time, before I finally said, “This is too damn freaky” and got Ross up there to chase them out of the house.

Barb’s possessed my Sims game. I know it.

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