The Ugliest WHAT?

This is a followup to yesterday’s keyword post. Okay, the -ite that searched on “private steve perry pictures” needed to get bolder. So, I searched FOR that nameless silly ashamed person — I googled “naked pictures steve perry journey”. And THIS turned up:

At Least Steve Perry’s at the BOTTOM of the list…

And of all the thousands & thousands of porn sites & nekkid pictures of celebs on the Net, this search didn’t turn up ONE SINGLE ACTUAL OR PHOTOSHOPPED NAKED PHOTO OF ANYONE IN JOURNEY.

I’ll have to talk the Doomcoven into using proper meta tags on its homepage. This state of affairs CANNOT continue.

edit: Oh HELL no…I just searched on “private steve perry pictures” myself…and OMG, there’s a PORN STAR named Steve Perry!!

If you’re not 18, well, hell I know you’re going to click anyway, so I’m not going to bother with a disclaimer.

:collapses into helpless laughter:

edit #2: OMG OMG…he also goes by “Ben Dover”…:dies:

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